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Call for contributions…

Thank you to everyone who has expressed and interest, promised pictures and contributed so far.

To make it clear: it is fantastic if artists and photographers contribute to the Leytonstone Museum photographic archive but ANY photos by ANYONE are welcome as long as (to you) they have a link to Leytonstone. I want to get a snapshot of Leytonstone by people who live work and visit Leytonstone. Portraits of residents, family snapshots, local scenes, photos of photos, pictures of your favorite objects, old photographs, your dog …. anything goes!

I will use the photographs to create exhibitions in Leytonstone and at The Institute of Education and may well make new works incorporating photographs however they do not need to be glossy exhibition quality but please only send things I have permission to use in these ways.

Many thanks in advance and I can’t wait to see more!


First contributions!

The first photographic contributions have arrived! Courtesy of a fellow Leytonstone artist, Gillian Swan. I missed the day the new trees arrived so what I lovely start to the Leytonstone museum, two beautiful historical documents. Thank you Gillian!

I can’t wait to see what other people contribute! Please do pass on the request for contributions to anyone who lives, works or visits Leytonstone. I am hoping for photographs from all ages, from all walks of life to build up a wonderful archive!

Photographic archive for Leytonstone Museum

WANTED: Photos about Leytonstone.

Do you have or can you take photos about Leytonstone to help me build up a photographic archive about Leytonstone? Mobile phone or camera pictures of any quality are welcome. The photos can be of anything you associate with Leytonstone. People, places, landmarks, homes, objects, pets, anything goes.

The archive will be used in exhibitions and some images may be used in artworks I create so please don’t send anything you are unhappy for me to use. All contributors will be acknowledged in exhibitions and on this blog.

Welcome to Leytonstone – the bridge

So, I’ve been thinking about what a museum is. It’s many things and I’ll share more on this later, but one thing it can be is a collection of things from the past.

This photo of Leytonstone bridge (found on flikr via google images) was taken on May 3rd 2010 by’secretlondon123. (accessed 8th January 2012).

I always found it weird that it implied that those south of the bridge are not part of Leytonstone.

Murals are interesting to me too. They have a temporary nature, they are not protected art kept in white cubes. I wonder what happened to the boards that the mural was painted on. Were they discarded or are they housed somewhere? Will we have to rely on photos and memories to keep this little part of Leytonstone’s history alive?

First week of 2012

So, my first week of the year is almost over. I managed to complete and post my essay for last term, finish my tax return, return to work (teaching at Tunmarsh School in Newham), set up my blog and do some uni reading. Phew! I also helped my sister (another Leytonstonian) celebrate her birthday, hosted her daughter (my 15 month old niece) for her first sleepover and of course enjoy time with my lovely son and husband too. No art yet though, unless you count setting up this blog. So Leytonstone Museum has hatched. But what will it become?  I can’t wait to find out!

Welcome to Leytonstone Museum!

Welcome to Leytonstone Museum!

Over the coming months the people of Leytonstone will be invited to participate in an arts project called Leytonstone Museum.

What would you like people to see or know about Leytonstone?

I will be developing this blog over the next few months so please do revisit to see how things are going.

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