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The next stage of the project is announced!

There is a new page above called ‘curators’ which explains the next stage of the project. From mid April until July the archive will take on a physical form as a mini museum containing printed photographs from the archive. Volunteers are needed to curate exhibitions of selected photographs from the printed archive. Please read the curators page for more details and comment or email me if you are interested in being involved.

You don’t need special exhibition space, the photographs will be small enough to exhibit in domestic and commercial  settings or even outside on a good weather day. The only criteria is that I will photograph each of these exhibitions and these new images will become my final MA exhibition which is in July.

Make sure you check out the archive page above too, there are some amazing images here and more are still needed please!

© Gillian Swan



Latest contributions from The Wallace Collection Education Department and photographer Olivia Hemingway!

© Wallace Collection, Emilio and Joshua

© Wallace Collection, Jay and Kevin

These stunning photographs (and plenty more in the archive) were taken by students from Leytonstone School as part of the ‘Shooting Buildings Project‘ run by  The Wallace Collection Education Department and faciliated by the photographer, Olivia Hemingway.  They are currently running a fantastic new education project called Portraits in Spaces so do check out these links!

New photos in the archive!

It’s been a quiet week as I’ve been away in Devon without internet so the museum has been closed for a week. But it’s back, with new photographs in the archive from Leigh Horton.

I am still looking for more contributions. If you have things you would like photographing for you (typical Leytonstone domestic scenes, locally made objects, portraits of local people, anything you can think of) just let me know and I would be happy to photograph things for you if you are unable to supply photographs yourself. I also have a personal passion for collections so I’d be fascinated to see what local people collect?

I will soon be revealing the next stage of the project which will hopefully enable a wider number of people to participate in the Leytonstone Museum. Look out for the next post coming soon!

The archive page is up and running!

I have had some  contributions which I have now added onto the archive page. Please do take a look, there are some  new lomographs and insect pictures by John Rogers as well as film stills from John Smith’s  film ‘Blight‘. My husband has also provided some photographs as promised and I have included a few snap shots and some images we took from St Johns church tower. I am still hoping for many more contributions so please email more photographs to

© John Rogers


© Karen Pamplin


                © John Smith

More photographs needed please!

It’s coming  up to a month into the project and already I have had some stunning photographs contributed. In a few weeks I’ll be putting a lot more images onto this blog for you to see but I still need more photographs please as it’s currently more an exhibition than an archive!

Some friends and family have mentioned their concerns about the photos not being high enough digital quality or not sure their content is relevant. I am happy to have photographs of any quality. Mobile phone pictures are fine too.

Content is anything you associate with Leytonstone. My husband has promised to contribute a picture of our son who was born in Leytonstone. To help you out, perhaps think along the following theme: ‘made’ in Leytonstone, ‘found’ in Leytonstone, ‘living’ in Leytonstone, ‘cooked’ in…  Just add a verb in front of Leytonstone and you’ll find just about anything goes!

I’d also particularly like to see some photos of things made in Leytonstone. Traditionally museums are full of objects and this one could be too, all be it in their photographic form. I know there are some amazing things being made here. If you have things you would like photographing for you please just ask as I would love to come and meet you and photograph artefacts and artworks you have created.

And don’t forget to add comments to images and posts that interest you as the blog develops!

Many thanks for reading!

Latest contributions received…

The latest contributor to the Leytonstone Museum is John Rogers. Click on the links below to his blog, which has many more stunning photos, some of which I hope to include in the archive. It’s great to see different perspectives of Leytonstone, right down to our insects. In my garden I get an unusual and rather beautiful kind of beetle called the Rosemary Beetle (Chrysolina americana) so I must photograph it when it returns to devour my poor sage and rosemary bushes. Incidentally, please do make comments about pictures included on the blog and what they mean to you. Your thoughts as well as my ramblings will help us build up an exciting archive about Leytonstone.

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