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The first exhibition is happening!

Today I dropped off the box museum on it’s very first outing to a home in Leytonstone. It is a private exhibition in a living room in Bushwood but photographs of the exhibition will be on this blog for your first view of the printed archive sometime next week – so keep looking!

In addition plans are afoot for a wonderful exhibition in Leytonstone Library which will be available for all to see. Dates will be announced soon. The museum will also be taking part in the arts trail this July where you will be able to hunt out the pictures in the red lion for a three day pop up exhibition with public view to which you are all invited!

Talks are on with other potential curators and venues and there is still time for volunteer curators to get involved so please do get in touch if you are interested in finding out more.

Who are you and why are you reading this?

Having begun on the theory I’m trying to isolate a particular line of inquiry for my dissertation. This little museum is about many things, but it’s definitely about the audience. Museums are always trying to figure out who their audience is, what makes them visit and how to get new audiences interested. One of the intriguing things about the online activity of this museum is the audience and contributors are very often faceless. I can’t help be intrigued about who is looking at Leytonstone Museum and why.

So, who are you and why are you reading this?

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The box museum

I’ve had a real battle with the box. My first attempt to create a box to house the museum went wrong so I’ve purchased a new box and tomorrow I’ll be working on it. I have been searching the internet to find a way of having Leytonstone Museum labelled on the box. I decided to get a sign made and found a website which offers free signs if you blog about them! Fantastic, as my budget is now badly in the red. So should require name badges, door signs etc, head to!

I’ll be revealing the box at the end of next week so check back then to see how it looks! In the meantime I’m lining up some exhibitions and handling sessions and as always, writing the essay so best get back to it!

Quick update on the museums progress…

I am working on the MA theory side of things at the moment so things are a bit quiet on the museum front. (Essays are exhausting!) Apologies to anyone I should have contacted and haven’t – feel free to nudge me! 

I am also trying to finalise some venues for some handling sessions and some exhibitions but nothing is set in stone apart from a fab little exhibition in a private home at the end of the month. Sorry I can’t invite you all but I will be photographing it so that will go on the museum blog. If you would like to come to a handling session I am trying to fix up a few venues so I can finally get to meet some of you! As soon as any open exhibitions or handling sessions are fixed I’ll blog about it, so follow the blog!

I worked all week on the box to house the fantastic archive which is now printed and backed on card. The photos look amazing – I can’t wait to show them! The box, however, is not going so well. Never try out new skills when deadlines are tight! It has resulted in me scrapping my first attempt at the box and I now have to start again. I now have a plan that I think will present the fabulous photographs suitably. I’ll put photos on the blog once it’s made to entice you to come along to some exhibitions and handling sessions!

Here’s a sneak preview of the wonderful pile of printed images:


Leytonstone Museum developments

A selection of 100 images from the current online archive have been sent to the printers, I will be in the studio at university for the next four days to make the box museum and I am working on an essay looking at writings about museum education, participatory arts and photography.

In late April the first (private) pop-up exhibition is due to take place and I am in talks with a number of public venues in Leytonstone. I do need more volunteer curators so if you are interested in borrowing the box museum and selecting some photographs to exhibit (either in one of the venues I am trying to line up) or at a venue of your choice, do let me know.

In addition I want to develop the participatory opportunities of the online museum further. If any of the photographs in the archive inspire you to write anything about the image or about Leytonstone, I’d love to hear from you. Image

Copyright: Lee Wollaston


All photos are on the archive! Now for the selection…

All the contributions are now on the archive and entries are halted for now. If contributors spot any mistakes please do let me know, thank you!

Now I am in the process of selecting 100 images from the archive to be printed and housed in the box museum (which I am making next week). Everyone who has contributed will have a least one image printed. If anyone would like to suggest images they think should be included please comment, email, facebook or twitter and let me know.

I am taking a break from adding to the online archive but it will re-open later this month for more (online only) contributions if you would like to add more images. Watch this space for entry dates and deadlines.

Curators still needed though so please read the curators page!

Image© Beatrice Foschetti

Thank you for all the contributions!

So the deadline has past and I have a rich mix of photographs waiting to be uploaded to the archive to compliment and contrast with the ones already there. It’s a busy week for me so I may be slow in getting everything onto the online archive but I’ll aim to have them all up by Easter.

In the meantime do browse what’s there already and let me know which ones are favorites. I am selecting and printing soon. The printed selection will be housed in the soon to be created ‘box museum’. This will all be ready for pop-up exhibitions from late April until July.

I am keen to hear from anyone who would be interested in ‘curating’ a pop up exhibition or from groups who would like a handling session of the printed images.


©Rachel I’Anson (for Inky Cuttlefish Studios and MENCAP)

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