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Leytonstone Museum is in Bloomsbury until Thursday 2nd August


The private view was fantastic, thanks to all who came! New exhibitions have been curated alongside my photographs of Leytonstone Museum’s year so far. Do visit! It’s on the 8th Floor and yes, there are lifts!

Private View: Wed 25th July 6-8pm at The Institute of Education

Sneak a pre -private view peak of Leytonstone Museum’s latest show below!

This time it’s my own photographs on show along side the printed collection as curated by whoever wants to participate on the night! All are welcome!

The show continues for one week 10-5pm daily until 2nd August.


Handling session at the Red Lion, 12-1pm Tuesday!

You are all cordially invited to the Red Lion pub on Leytonstone High Road to handle / discuss / view and celebrate LM’s wonderful photographic collection! Today my family are co-curating an exhibition in the pub, so come along tomorrow and hunt out the collection in this quirky venue.

We will also be announcing the winners of the caption competition!

Tuesday 17th July 12-1pm. Exhibition continues until midnight on Thursday 19th July.

This is all part of the wonderful Leytonstone Arts Trail so don’t forget to see Sarah Carpenter and Chris Davies’ work which is also in the Red Lion and pop across to Stone Space to see their wonderful map installation and get directions to other venues!

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The Arts Trail at the Red Lion!

Leytonstone Museum are of course exhibiting at the Red Lion during the Arts Trail!

We have a short pop-up from 17th – 19th July and a Handling Session / discussion and public view on Tues 17th July 12-1pm.

The pop-up is minus a curator at the moment though so if anyone is free on Monday from 11am I would welcome any help selecting photographs and putting up the exhibition.

We will be exhibiting along side another exhibition which is running for the whole Arts Trail so if you miss us, make sure you see this fantastic sounding exhibition (can’t wait to see it myself)!

w-All; stReeT

Who does the art belong to? who created it? is there any ownership? or is it the person who views it that really ultimately gives it any meaning?
Craft and skill vs art is all around us.
For example, I have photographed street art in order to question who then becomes the artists? If I photograph a flower I would be seen as the artist yet the flower is not my creation. Street art is about communication in a shared place and should be for all to see and share but to what extent?
I have a phrase “photography Sarah Carpenter, Artist Unknown”

The exhibition is compiled of photographs on canvas from 20cmx20cm – A2, A3 framed photographic collages, 4×6 framed single photographs and an A3 Canvas painting inspired by the collection.

The exhibition is divided into four sections:
1. The Artist
2. The Editor
3. The Audience
4. The Orwellian

The titles are also important to me too as I am fascinated by words and language vs visual / alternative ways of communicating. I would like the titles to bee seen as art in themselves.

The titles are as follows…

Editor Collection AKA ‘L-00-K (;S) ee’
[B][R][I][C][K][I][N][G] [I][T]
(c)(h)(a)(i)(n) re-ACTION!

Artist Collection AKA ‘UN/know*n’
[MAD in engLAND]
MON>st>ER M<I<nd.
LIKE (he@d)
D.rawn W.oman
(F) ilm  (F) ace
S.ketchy F.emale
s~kull b~r~a~i~n

Audience Collection AKA ‘SC-Can-KY’
[B][R][I][C][K] [H][O][U][S][E]
(t(u(r)n)i)n)g) (t(h)e) (c(o(r(n)e)r)
r*OK st*AR

The Orwellian Collection ‘BIG B’

Would you like to curate an exhibition at the Red Lion as part of the Arts Trail?

Are you free on Monday 16th from 11am?

Are you interested in helping co-curate an exhibition of Leytonstone Museum’s printed photographic collection?

If so, we need your help!

You will help select which images get exhibited and help put them up in the pub. It’s a fantastic location for a quirky and unusual exhibition and your hard work will be appreciated by all the Arts Trail visitors who will be visiting the pop-up exhibition.

Just email me at or comment below and I’ll email you back.

The exhibition is on from Tuesday 17th – Thursday 19th July with a special handling session and public view on Tuesday 12-1pm.

If you can’t help please do come along and see it!


© Beatrice Foschetti


Leytonstone Museum goes to Bloomsbury!

Karen’s MA final show sees Leytonstone Museum popping up in Bloomsbury at The Institute of Education. Come along to make your mark on the ‘curate-it-yourself’ wall or just see what’s been happening with Leytonstone Museum over the course of the MA. (Eighth floor, there are lifts!)



A rhizomic map of Leytonstone Museum


This is an unfinished rhizomic map (as maps always are) of Leytonstone Museum.

As soon as I photographed this I realised there is so much I have missed. People who have contributed encouragement, ideas, who I have not mapped. The places where the internet connection is established (welcome to our first visit from Singapore!)that I have not mapped.

Like any map, things change and the map ceases to represent the present, just a map of what was. Not unlike a photograph really. Anyway here I am supposed to be writing my final draft to go to my tutors and instead I want to wax lyrical to you about the magic that is the rhizome.

Rhizomes, by the way, are plant systems (think strawberry, ginger, potatoes) which unlike a tree with a vertical root, have stems which spread horizontally and can be divided and start again. Like this little museum. Rhizome is also a concept (or metaphor) developed by Deleuze and Guattari.

Once the draft is done I hope to tell you more about the research but for now take a look at the map and tell me who, what and where I have missed!

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