New Project Launched: Inside Leytonstone


This is a call for contributions for a new project called ‘Inside Leytonstone’.


A page of the blog will be devoted to the theme ‘Inside Leytonstone’. We all know the classic Leytonstone scenes of the St Johns, the ponds etc but what gems are there lurking behind closed doors? Photographs,poems, artworks, stories about the inside view of Leytonstone will be gratefully received.

For my own contribution I am looking for people who collect things. Do you house a secret collection of ‘my little ponies’ or have a passion for collecting ‘toothbrushes’? You will of course remain anonymous but go on, show the world your secret loves!


If artists, writers  and photographers would like to put similar requests on here please let me know.

And don’t forget to look Leytonstone Museum up on Facebook and Twitter to keep informed!


4 thoughts on “New Project Launched: Inside Leytonstone

  1. sally says:

    Looks like you have an exciting project to occupy your time! It seems the ideas and things you have been having for some time are all coming together in a way that has a real sense of place, people and community. I really love how the Museum is progressing and unfolding. It looks set to grow organically like the community it reflects. Well done, Karen! Keep up the momentum, this is going to be a really burner.

  2. carol says:

    i may collect a few things ! let me know if u r interested

    • Just a FEW things – you could fill half of Leytonstone with your collections! For this particular project it needs to be Leytonstone unfortunately but I am still photographing collections for my other work so must come and see your latest finds soon!

  3. […] a new project Inside Leytonstone to document things that people in Leytonstone collect. See the Leytonstone Museum website for more information. 51.573551 0.010873 Share […]

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