Collect something? I need your help!

I am looking for people who live in Leytonstone who collect stuff. I then want to photograph said stuff and post on here. You will remain anonymous but admit it, everyone who collects enjoys an interested audience and this way people can see your passions while they remain safely locked away from harm.

Does anyone have a particular passion for teapots or books, Dr Who memorabilia or cigarette cards, dolls or scarves, McDonald toys or Lilliput houses. Small collections are just as interesting as big ones. If you collect something, please can I photograph your treasures to be included on the Inside Leytonstone page and possibly in future exhibitions?

For the new project, Inside Leytonstone (which is not just about collections!) I am also hoping the community can offer creative contributions to the museum with stories, photographs and artworks about what is ‘inside’ Leytonstone. Do you have something hidden away behind closed doors you can write about, paint or photograph to help us develop a record of our little community?

If so, contact me at


Owner: Anonymous

“Sticker book created by my Grandmother and Great Aunts, probably around the first world war. It is falling to bits and may not last another generation. It sits on top of a cupboard and I’m afraid to look at it in case I damage it any more.”

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