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New photos coming in for THIS IS HOME page!


© Hilary Douse



© Jennie Hawley

Check out the THIS IS HOME page for more images – and more are needed! A selection will be shown digitally during Leytonstone Arts Trail!



New photographs about Leytonstone – as home – required for arts trail exhibition

This summer sees the annual Leytonstone Arts Trail. This year a selection from the museum archive will be shown as part of Reside at Home, a collaborative exhibition showing works by Stuart Cameron, Catherine Pamplin and Karen Pamplin Browne, and of course, your photographs, if selected! Images will be shown digitally on a large tv screen , so screen resolution digital photographs are preferred. However I can also scan negatives or prints, just get in touch!

So if you have photos of Leytonstone – as home – please send them to me at

All suitable photographs submitted will also be shown on the Leytonstone Museum website and become part of our ever growing archive. So go on, make history! 

Image© Sarah Carpenter


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