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Leytonstone celebrates the Jubilee in 1977

Jubilee street party 1977 © Susan Hare


Musical Chairs © Susan Hare



Photographs © Susan Hare 1977

We started fund raising, many local shops contributed gave us support even the old Woolworths, we done raffles beforehand in order to raise money, many local residents also gave us support. I applied to the borough to close the street off, support there was also given. One of our residents worked in the Management department for Tebor sharps who supplied all the sweets for the children donated by Tebor sharps themselves, we had many games for the children as you can see and lots of food and drinks, it was a Brilliant occasion as you can see and great community spirit, it got many residents out, those days we were even able to leave our front doors open for local residents to use toilet facilities as most of the activity was outside my house, the green one with all the banners, yuk looking back at the photo now makes me laugh, the old traditional sash windows. Susan Hare 2013

Fillebrook Road

leytonstone fillebrook_road 1991 02© Alan Davies


Memories of Church Lane

leytonstone church_lane 1997Photograph © Alan Simpson

‘This is the south west end of Church Lane before the A12 was built on the other side of the tube line which is on the bridge. Leytonstone station is a short way behind the photographer and to their right. Harold Road is on the left of the picture. Stand at this spot now and there is a carpark, sports area and a play area, where the cutting was. with a footbridge over the tube. The (very well drained) garden is right at the end in front of the tube bridge (which is still there, just buried) on top of infill.’

‘Used to walk this route every day for 6 years for my first job. If memory serves it also had a staircase where you can see a BT Telephone exchange box on the left’.

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