Leytonstone Museum – which way forward?

With a move to Kent planned it is time to hand over the Leytonstone Museum participatory arts project to other Leytonstonians to direct it along a new path.

Leytonstone Museum began as an experiment for an MA. In 2012 a box museum was created holding 100 photographs of Leytonstone donated by participants. The box can be used as a tool (during handling sessions) for groups to discuss Leytonstone, photography and curating. Pop-up exhibitions have been curated by volunteers using the box collection. The box contains simple tools for short pop-up exhibitions in any location – public spaces, private homes etc.

door frames sm

Leytonstone Museum is also a virtual museum, containing a wonderful photographic archive. When I have the time I invite people to contribute and they do! With the power of Facebook and Twitter and a few posters around Leytonstone, there are hundreds of photos contributed. The blog gets visits almost every day and has been viewed by people from almost all over the world!

With new people involved it could progress to become much more. I dreamt of finding funding and time to allow better prints, more exhibitions, developing beyond photography to embrace history, storytelling, oral histories. The possibilities are there for the planning – anyone?

If you are interested in being involved in the future of Leytonstone Museum let me know. karen@pamplinbrowne.co.uk

Also the box museum needs a new home. Ideally in a public space IN LEYTONSTONE where it can be borrowed from, used by locals, but cared for and monitored. It is my work of art and I want Leytonstone to have it. So who and where can be the custodian, to keep it in it’s home of Leytonstone?

box museum

box interior.2sm

Volunteer Lead Curator for Leytonstone Museum needed!

After almost seven years in Leytonstone I am about to leave, but don’t want to see Leytonstone Museum end.

Therefore I am looking for someone to help maintain it for the future. The box museum (containing the printed photographic archive) also needs a home in Leytonstone, but preferably housed somewhere it might get used, not locked away in a cupboard gathering dust! 


Anyone interested in helping out, or taking over, please let me know. Tasks could include blogging, tweeting, uploading contributions, Facebook posts, curating exhibitions, running handling sessions using the box, or ideas of your own as to how this project could move on! Knowledge of or willingness to learn wordpress is vital.

Any questions please email karen@pamplinbrowne.co.uk


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New additions to the archive

Memories of Leytonstone Festival 2005 by Susan Hare

See the archive page for more images.

Ice sculpting Leytonstone Festival 2005 © Susan Hare

Ice sculpting Leytonstone Festival 2005 © Susan Hare

Monarch & Woolworths Leytonstone Festival 2005 © Susan Hare

Monarch & Woolworths Leytonstone Festival 2005 © Susan Hare

New contributions needed!

Leytonstone Museum is a virtual museum with a small collection of printed photographs available for exhibitions and handling sessions.

Artworks, photographs, writing and poetry about Leytonstone are needed to develop the archive for future generations. Please contact karen@pamplinbrowne.co.uk if you would like to contribute anything to the project.

© Beatrice Foschetti leytonstone swans

© Beatrice Foschetti  – leytonstone swans

Leytonstone celebrates the Jubilee in 1977

Jubilee street party 1977 © Susan Hare


Musical Chairs © Susan Hare



Photographs © Susan Hare 1977

We started fund raising, many local shops contributed gave us support even the old Woolworths, we done raffles beforehand in order to raise money, many local residents also gave us support. I applied to the borough to close the street off, support there was also given. One of our residents worked in the Management department for Tebor sharps who supplied all the sweets for the children donated by Tebor sharps themselves, we had many games for the children as you can see and lots of food and drinks, it was a Brilliant occasion as you can see and great community spirit, it got many residents out, those days we were even able to leave our front doors open for local residents to use toilet facilities as most of the activity was outside my house, the green one with all the banners, yuk looking back at the photo now makes me laugh, the old traditional sash windows. Susan Hare 2013

Fillebrook Road

leytonstone fillebrook_road 1991 02© Alan Davies


Memories of Church Lane

leytonstone church_lane 1997Photograph © Alan Simpson

‘This is the south west end of Church Lane before the A12 was built on the other side of the tube line which is on the bridge. Leytonstone station is a short way behind the photographer and to their right. Harold Road is on the left of the picture. Stand at this spot now and there is a carpark, sports area and a play area, where the cutting was. with a footbridge over the tube. The (very well drained) garden is right at the end in front of the tube bridge (which is still there, just buried) on top of infill.’

‘Used to walk this route every day for 6 years for my first job. If memory serves it also had a staircase where you can see a BT Telephone exchange box on the left’.

Please note, the quotes comes from the Facebook group, ‘Leytonstone’. Comments on here remain anonymous, but anyone is welcome to comment here.

Memories of Leytonstone – first comments

© Alan Simpson

© Alan Simpson

The above photograph by Alan Simpson has already received a few comments. Do you have photographs, stories or poems about your memories of Leytonstone you would like to contribute?

Comment1:  This is where the Transition community garden is now (Harold Road by the footbridge beyond the new games area)! You can still see the top of the wall on the left and the bridge is still there – just filled in.

Comment2:  You need to visualise this cutting choked with stationary traffic four hours a day to get the effect. Most of the traffic that now zips through on the motorway used to struggle down this route. Building the road must have made the local air much cleaner.

Here is a more recent photograph of the community garden launch, September 2012. It would be great to receive memories of it’s development over the last year.

Leytonstone Community Garden Launch 09092012-6565

© Asya Gefter

Leytonstone Museum’s got a new project!

To the lovely folk of Leytonstone, we need your help.

The spring theme of Home, led to inclusion of some fantastic photographs and an exhibition during the arts trail.

This autumn the call out is for your ‘Memories of Leytonstone’. All poems, photographs, stories, historical information, sketches, films etc can be included.

Once a body of work has been collected we plan to organise an exhibition in a venue in Leytonstone.

To submit digital work for inclusion on the Leytonstone Museum blog, please email karen@pamplinbrowne.co.uk. Please ensure you have read the copyright section on the about page prior to submitting work.

© Alan Simpson

© Alan Simpson

Leytonstone Museum is a participatory arts project, developing a virtual archive about Leytonstone. For further information please look at the about page. We also have a fantastic box museum which houses a collection of 100 photographs which can be borrowed by groups and organisations as well as used to create pop-up exhibitions. Please contact Karen for further information. karen@pamplinbrowne.co.uk

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