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How does this project create opportunities for learning and meaning making?

Meaning making has been an important part of museum studies in recent years and influences the way many museums present their collections to their public. For my research I am exploring how ‘Leytonstone Museum: a participatory arts project’ create opportunities for learning and meaning making.

‘In museums, visitors don’t necessarily learn what is intended in an exhibit or program, nor do they necessarily learn in a sequence that is determined by the structure of the subject or the way the exhibit developers lay out the material. They make meaning based on the new experiences and how these fit into what they already have in their minds. The expanding field of visitor studies increasingly recognizes this: the emphasis of research and evaluation studies is shifting from asking whether visitors have understood the intentions of the designers or the content of the material, to asking what meanings visitors make of the exhibitions they have viewed’.

Hein, G. (2001) ‘Constructivism: More Than Meaning Making’. In: R. Toon, K. Pontin (Eds) Museological Review: A Journal Edited by Students of the Department of Museum Studies, 7:7  University of Leicester

Therefore I pose the question to you:

How does ‘Leytonstone Museum: a participatory arts project’ create opportunities for learning and meaning making?

Feel free to reply on this blog, or if you prefer to remain anonymous or would help me by answering additional questions, please visit the research page.

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Who are you and why are you reading this?

Having begun on the theory I’m trying to isolate a particular line of inquiry for my dissertation. This little museum is about many things, but it’s definitely about the audience. Museums are always trying to figure out who their audience is, what makes them visit and how to get new audiences interested. One of the intriguing things about the online activity of this museum is the audience and contributors are very often faceless. I can’t help be intrigued about who is looking at Leytonstone Museum and why.

So, who are you and why are you reading this?

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