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Leytonstone Museum is not a traditional museum, it is primarily an arts project, exploring Leytonstone through the arts. It does not have a physical home, instead we use online and pop-up opportunities to offer contemporary museum experiences.

Some visitors to the Leytonstone Museum website are looking to explore historical themes about Leytonstone. We would like to direct you to Leyton and Leytonstone Historical Society, where you can explore historical aspects of Leytonstone and the surrounding area through events, literature and online information. New members are always welcome.

Leyton and Leytonstone Historical Society

For information about Leytonstone’s history please click on the links below to their website:


You may also be interested in their other website, http://www.leytonpast.info/ where you can find:

  • The Bottom Drawer: Leyton and Leytonstone within living memory; a reminiscence site

Leyton and Leytonstone Historical Society is open to new members. They hold evening events, usually at St. John’s Church, Leytonstone on the corner of Leytonstone High Road and Church Road, E11 ,or at Leyton Sixth Form College, Essex Road E10 6EQ. Please check their website above for details of forthcoming events.

7 thoughts on “History

  1. Do you have any details about Hitchman’s Dairies in Hainault Road?

    • Mike Smith says:

      There used to be a dairy on the corner of Leigh Road and Hainault Road in the early 50s.

      • pauline016 says:

        Thanks Mike. Yes that was Hitchman’s.
        Vaughan’s dairy was a shop, actually in Leigh Road.
        It was next door to a boot menders shop run by Alf Cook.
        I’m looking for a family member who was a depot manager at Hitchman’s, going by the name of ‘Sonny’. He had a sister ‘Gertie’, who used to work at Liverpool Street Station in the mid 60’s……cleaning the ladies toilets!!

  2. Unfortunately I don’t, but it is well worth getting in touch with Leyton and Leytonstone Historical Society (see History page) as someone there might be able to help. All the best finding some information and if you have any photographs of Leytonstone you would like to contribute please so not hesitate to contact me.

  3. pauline016 says:

    Yes, that was Vaughan’s Dairy.

  4. Dee says:

    Hello, do you know/ have any interest in Hitchcock in Leytonstone/ the local area? I’m putting on a Hitchcock event for Leytonstone Festival.


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